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★★★★★I really like that Susan Stern immediately returned my call and competed my resume/cover letter that day. She uncovered important details of my job history. She gave me great tips to improve my overall image. Susan also set me up with a professional email account for sending these documents. I am very pleased with the entire package. Exceptional Omaha resume writing services indeed. Thanks Susan!

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Google Penalizes Websites Not Mobile-Friendly!

posted by Susan Stern 9:26 AM
Monday, October 20, 2014
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google penalizes websites not mobile friendly

Lose Website Rank if Site Not Mobile-Friendly

Mobile/tablet surfing is booming (an estimated 31 percent of traffic in 1st quarter of 2014) and going up year-after-year. It’s time to call your Website Designer/Marketer for a website conversation to mobile. Why? Google has given plenty of clues that it will penalize your website ranking if not optimized for cell phones and tablets.

In layman’s terms, Google is rolling out changes to its ranking algorithms that favor websites that are mobile-friendly and penalizing or down ranking sites that are not. Websites that are “misconfigured” can expect to slide down the search engines should content not be optimized for a smart phone or tablet according to Google’s Webmaster Blog.

Google Warns Sites Will Be Penalized

“To improve the search experience for smartphone users and address their pain points, we plan to roll out several ranking changes in the near future that address sites that are misconfigured for smartphone users,” said Google. – Yoshikiyo Kato, Software Engineer, on behalf of Google Mobile Search team.

Why Would Google Down Rank?

The world’s most popular search engine considers less desirable anything that ruins users online experience. Not being able to view a full website via smart phone or tablet is not a good user experience. So, Google has apparently opted to reward website owners that get it right – and punish those that do not. Word of advice. Since Google is the behemoth for search, following their guidelines is absolutely essential to achieve ranking success.

Mobile Website Traffic Report

Click to View Graphic

How Google’s Mobile Preference Affects Business

An estimated 70-90 percent of users go online to search for a local business. So, certain types of business should go mobile:

  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Service Companies
  • Brick and Mortar businesses

google penalizes websites not mobile friendlyTwo Ways to Convert Site to Mobile

Your website designer can either redirect your mobile visitors to a mobile version of the same page OR your developer can build a responsive site that automatically adjusts the layout to fit a smart phone or tablet.

Go Mobile Now Not Later

Hopefully now, you can see why it’s important to optimize your website for mobile and tablets. Not only for Search Engine Optimization, but for a better user experience. Ready to go? Let’s get in touch now.

Contact Stern PR Marketing in Omaha Neb.
google algorithms

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Stern PR Tip: Why Business Needs SEO

posted by Susan Stern 11:13 AM
Tuesday, September 16, 2014
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image-seo-omaha-company-value-of-regular-contentSEO Firm Omaha Ne Dispels Misbelief

Let’s dispel a common business owner misconception. Say that your website already ranks high on Google for some keyword terms that people search. So naively, you think ‘why not cut my monthly internet marketing budget, save dollars and ride the wave?’ Uh, no!

Writing Frequency/Skill Matters

Fact is. Your stagnant website will fall while your savvy competitor slides ahead of yours. They, unlike you, fully understand the value of outsourcing monthly Omaha SEO company services. In 2014, any progressive business owner or office manager gets that.

Play the Ranking Game Right

“Business owners need to comprehend a lot about how the internet works. First off, organizations need to be active on social media to interact with visitors for customer service, PR and marketing reasons. Your website must contain fresh and regular content on topics people search,” notes Susan Stern, owner/operator of  Stern PR™. The fresher the content is, the higher the chance that your post will rank better on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

search engine optimization in omaha neSeeing is Believing

View screenshot. Or, Google “Craigs list removes html.” You will find Stern PR’s article on the 1st page of Google (as of Sept. 16, 2014). It ranks higher based, in part, on date published. Of course, there other key factors: topic popularity, proper tag and keyword density, etc. – an example of search engine optimization services in Nebraska by Stern PR™.

Add Pictures

Always use images for aesthetics and SEO. Your Omaha SEO strategist will handle the specifics.

image-letters-internet-writing-for-omaha-seo-companyManage Impressions: PR & Branding

For pubic relations and branding, the worst impression that any business owner can make is to have a “News” section that hasn’t been updated in months or years. Writing/blogging regularly makes you appear more relevant and authoritative. It can make or break a deal.

For instance, if a would-be client had to choose between two companies, they would, in many cases, pick the product/service provider who is on top of things with an updated website, blog and social media.

You’re Too Busy And Lack SEO Skill

So there it is. Reasons why regular content marketing is essential to build and maintain Google rank. Of course, business owners are too busy and lack the knowledge to handle content themselves. That’s why they outsource SEO/Social Media marketing in Omaha Ne to a professional. Stern PR™ the ideal choice due to all our specialties.

Stern PR for Omaha SEO +

Here in Nebraska, Stern PR™ is a great one stop shop. So, do your business a favor.  Increase traffic and revenue. Outsource search engine optimization services in Nebraska to us. Inquiries? 402-212-7489 | Contact Online right away.

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Google’s SEO Tips

posted by Susan Stern 12:32 PM
Tuesday, June 10, 2014
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image-logo-sternpr-google-seo-tips-omaha-seo-strategistGoogle’s software engineer Matt Cutts gives hints on how the Google search engine giant works, essential knowledge for online marketers.  Stern PR Marketing™, a marketing firm Omaha provider, is dedicated to internet marketing education. To help keep fellow Omaha SEO Strategists in the know, herein is a transcription of Cutts’ webmaster video comments. In a November 2013 post, Cutts offers Google SEO Tips. Here’s a transcript of his reply:

What are the top 3-5 SEO areas where webmasters make the most mistakes? How can we do better on those? Really good question. A lot of people might expect super advanced stuff, but I’m going to give you what the biggest mistakes are by volume. This is just Wiz and I, Wiz is recording this, we were brainstorming for a couple minutes before we made this video.

The biggest mistake is not making your site crawlable, or not having a domain at all. There’s a ton of businesses who don’t actually have a website. If you have a website or have it locked up where people can’t find it all that easily, that’s a big problem. So just click around on your website and make sure you can reach the pages on your site by clicking on regular links. Ideally, in a text browser, but just try to surf around and make sure you haven’t hidden the good content away somewhere where it’s really hard to find.

The next one is include the right words on the page. Think about what the user is going to type, and include those words. So, you don’t want to just say Mount Everest elevation, you want to say words like “How high is Mount Everest?” Because people are going to type “How high is Mount Everest?” Wiz had a really good point. Not just including the right words on the page, but thinking about, if you’re a restaurant, include the menu, put it in plain text, not just a PDF, or make sure that it’s extractable into plain text somehow. Put your business hours on the page.

From going around, and I know that he’s been talking to a ton of people on get American businesses online, and even get other businesses around the world online, the biggest mistakes are not having a website, not making it crawlable; that’s sort of one. Not using the words on the page, not describing what it is that you do, not including what the user’s going to search for.

The next thing, think about not link building that limits you to a certain mindset; think about compelling content and marketing. Right? As soon as you think “my job is to build links for search engines,” you’re really cutting off a lot of avenues, things like talking to newspaper reporters, for example. Whereas if you think first make something compelling, some reason why they really want to use your website, and then think about the broader area of marketing. That can include billboards. That can include paying for advertising and all that sort of stuff. But it can also include clever guerrilla marketing. It can include, you know, just reaching out to people in the community. So, I wouldn’t put too much of a tunnel vision focus on just links, I would try to think instead about, “Okay, what can I do to market my website to make it more well known within my community or more broadly without only thinking about search engines?”

Another good point is to think about the title and description of your really important pages. So, we’ve said make sure you have the right words on the page, but you really should pay attention to your home page. What is the title there? If you bookmark it, are you going to be able to have users later on find exactly what it was, or is it going to say “untitled”? Or is it going to say something that people won’t even be able to find later?

Likewise, your description can sometimes determine what shows up in your snippet. That determines whether people will be enticed into clicking. So you can run various tests, experiment with different copy for the meta description. And it might not be worth it for every single page on your site, I know that is a lot of work, but for the very high traffic sites, you want to not just create a great experience, but  you want to make something that people actually click on when they see it in the search results. So something that lets them know that you’re going to have the answer that they’re looking for. Something, you know, that makes them understand that this is a good resource.

And that would actually be my last thing. Not using webmaster resources. So Google provides free webmaster tools at We provide a blog you can read, lots of webmaster videos, one of which you’re watching. But we go to search conferences, we talk to people online, Bing and other search engines also provide a lot of free resources. You can look at links in Blecko, all sorts of stuff like that. There’s a ton of information out there on the web and there’s a ton of people who are interested in SEO, are interested in search, and are happy to talk about your website and give you feedback. So, you could start on our webmaster forum, but basically explore that space, because it’s almost like an iceberg. There’s a lot of resources in our HTML documentation, digging through And that can really help improve your site.

So, just to recap. Make sure that your site is crawlable, which includes having a domain name in the first place. Include the right words on the page. Include the words that people are actually going to type. Think about compelling content and marketing, not just link building. Think about the title and description of your important pages. And finally, be aware or investigate free resources that are out there on the web, because they can really help you improve your site, which is going to make you more money and make your users more happy. Hope that helps.

Watch Video Now>>

image-sternpr-website-snapshot-omaha-seo-strategistsLearn more now about search engine optimization services in Omaha by Stern PR Marketing™.
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Omaha Search Engine Providers Must be Copywriters!

posted by Susan Stern 1:53 PM
Monday, March 3, 2014
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Omaha SEO Provider Must Write Well
Business Owner FYI, Most Don’t

image keyboard omaha seo providerBy Susan Stern click 2 —  Omaha Search engine providers are typically web design companies that help business increase rank on Google, Bing and Yahoo. An estimated 90% of people go online before buying products/services. So, top spot is a must. Well, the fact is, most Omaha search engine providers can’t even write. Write well, that is.

Most Omaha SEO strategists are just that – technical people. They are NOT professional copywriters. The vast majority of Omaha SEO strategists and web design firms click 2 appear to lack the ability to pen a great website, social media post and press release.

Every business needs more than SEO and web design. You need a professional Omaha copywriter image click thru omaha seo providerfor branding. Stern PR Marketing™  is the solution for corporate identity AND search engine marketing Omaha services galore.

Most Omaha Web Designers & SEO Firms
Can’t Write Well at All

I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Can you say cringe-inducing? The writing by many, if not most firms tends to be substandard, i.e. poor. As a professional Omaha copywriter for 20+ years, the truth is that many Omaha search engine providers produce content riddled with typos and grammatical errors.

In fact, the content done by a lot of Omaha SEO companies contain inactive verbs and run on sentences. Ouch. Eek. If I were their teacher, I would red mark their paper, giving it a “D” before sending it back for major revisions. This is my candid observation. image-ad-sternpr-omaha-graphic-designer

Poor writing sheds a negative light on the clients they serve – your company. So, out the door goes professional business branding which should be an organization’s top priority!

Hiring a former broadcast journalist-turned-PR-practitioner would be your best bet for SEO Omaha services from Stern PR Marketing™click 2.

Google Rank Not Most Important Goal
Quality Writing Should Be

To reiterate, appearing high on Google for industry keywords is not enough to succeed. The goal is to hire an Omaha SEO provider click 2 who produces content-rich writing that search engines love, located on a fantastic modern website with polished corporate identity branding at the forefront.

Forget hiring Web Design/Omaha SEO companies for search engine marketing writing services. Instead organizations should outsource to Stern PR Marketing click 2, an SEO provider in Omaha that specializes in outstanding storytelling! click 2 omaha copywriter susan stern

Stern PR™ click 2 handles it all. Omaha website design, internet marketing AND most importantly, copywriting click 2 for aesthetics. Writing for the eyes and ears. Script writing for radio and TV advertising and print. We’re a video production Omaha click 2 provider, too.

Word About Most Omaha Marketing/PR Firms
Don’t Know SEO

Here in Nebraska, while almost ALL Omaha Marketing and PR firms click 2 have a copywriter on staff, MOST are not trained to do search engine marketing (SEO) nor website design. Most outsource these services.

Our small agency, Stern PR Marketing™ click 2, is a full service internet marketing Omaha firm. We are the answer for exceptional storytelling, SEO and website design services.

If your business needs to professionalize your brand – we handle marketing, public relations and advertising agency work with an outside-the-box mindset. Omaha logo design, brochures, contracts, everything. Marketing that pops! A one stop shop.

Since we earned our storytelling stripes, you can count on us to produce great writing all-around – for the eyes AND search engines, backed by a national award for great web design AND copywriting: View Sparks Computerized Car Care Website click 2.

We also do top-rated HD video production  in Omaha which creatively tells your company’s story mixing video, voice-over, music and pictures.

Next Step: Check out the Monthly SEO/PR Plans Nowclick 2


Learn more about Omaha Copywriter Services click 2

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Omaha SEO Company Continues Education

posted by Susan Stern 1:45 PM
Thursday, February 13, 2014
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Omaha SEO Company Stays On the Pulseimage omaha seo company

Every Omaha SEO Company must stay up-to-date with the latest industry goings-on. Stern PR Marketing™ is no exception. “I just completed about 50+ hours of continuing search engine optimization education, so we can continue to supply our client base with the best Omaha SEO services in town,” notes Stern PR™ Omaha owner Susan Stern.

A lot to Know About Omaha SEO

With Google’s Hummingbird update last Summer, combined with Google’s webmaster rules and regulations for >>white hat SEO techniques, there is a  vast amount of information to know.  Stern PR™ keeps abreast of how to do outstanding Omaha SEO company services, and is committed to staying on top of it despite the ever-evolving search engine MACHINE.

“Our two-person Omaha SEO Company, Marketing and PR firm IS passionate about education, learning everything we need to know about SEO Omaha Services for our clients’ success,” remarks Stern PR’s Susan Stern.

A timely analogy. “The road to Olympic gold, per se, is to rank on the 1st page of Google. That’s the goal. Placement can often make or break a business. Sadly, for one industry, phone book advertising is in last place, becoming obsolete.  Internet Marketing Omaha Is It – a major part of the marketing mix So, our duty demands that we triumph. That we know everything about SEO and follow all the ethical rules along the way,” said Stern, who spearheads Omaha SEO company services for clients.

Stern PR Uses Many Omaha SEO Tools

We use many, many tools to examine and implement each client website, social media and online listings for the appropriate Title tags, meta description and keyword frequency with the ultimate goal of achieving 1st page Google rank. We analyze competitors and use fantastic Omaha SEO strategies that seem to work. Modesty is the best policy, right?

We are not perfect, that’s for sure. But great news! We are perfectionists, committed to continuing education of search engine marketing. We facilitate client success now and in the future.

One of the Best Copywriter Omaha Providers For SEO +

image copywriter omaha prStern PR™ has earned a reputation for exceptional copywriter services Omaha, learn why>>. We write high quality content for aesthetics and search engine optimization. Few SEO Omaha Companies offer professional writing services. Period. They’re technical people.

Strategic writing is the means to the end. Branding, right.

Stern PR™ owner Susan Stern has specialized in Omaha Public Relations writing for 20+ years, based on a successful on-air background in broadcast journalism in Omaha, D.C. and Virginia Beach. Writing for the ear, eyes and video. Stern PR™ IS better. Yes.image video marketing omaha neb

Challenging Transition: News to PR and Omaha SEO Services

It’s challenging to write website content for the search engines. It’s recommended each article or post be at least 500 characters.

“I typically write using the least words, active verbs and expressive adjectives based on my background in broadcast news. I know how to pen a great website, release, bio. So, for internet marketing Omaha services, I was forced to learn how to write long-winded, according to the best SEO principles, i.e. not spammy,” said Stern.

“Still, my clients appreciate my writing. I’m clever and creative. I work with the search engine protocol. Since opening our doors in 2004 – commencing with a mere blog formerly entitled “Marketer Muses” – we have evolved into one of the best Omaha SEO Company (s) in the metro tapping into our exceptional copywriting services in Nebraska, ” notes Susan Stern.

Offline, Stern PR™ offers traditional marketing with brevity and quick-wit for press releases, brochures, resume and cover, etc.

Public Relations Firm Omaha-Marketing Firm, Too

We’re outside-the-box thinkers. We offer a great degree of services beyond Omaha SEO Company work. We’re Omaha Neb web designers, copywriters and graphic designers in the Big O. We are a Video Production Omaha provider.

Few if any Omaha Advertising Agencies, Marketing or PR Firms in Omaha Neb. can boast offering ALL these full-services, in house. We do everything! Internet Marketing Omaha. Branding. Public Relations. Advertising. We’re Marketing & PR consultants. You name it! We do it.

Clients seem to like that we offer personalized service. Call, text or email – you’ll get an answer right away. Stern PR™ is a small, yet highly creative AND effective marketing firm, Omaha.

Stern PR™ Philosophy

Our two-person creative Omaha SEO Company is available to serve your business. We care. We strongly believe that ‘if you succeed, we succeed’. We put early companies and established business on the map!

Inquiries? Contact us today.
CALL: 402-212-7489
Final Step: Omaha SEO Company Monthly Plans image-advertising-stern-pr-omaha-seo-company

Omaha SEO Company Tips – Get Social, Get Active

posted by Susan Stern 12:02 PM
Saturday, February 8, 2014
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Affordable Omaha SEO Company for Social Media

image-social-media-omaha-seo-companyEngage, engage, engage. Omaha SEO Company tips by Stern PR™ are something every website owner should do. We offer Omaha search engine optimization (SEO) services to help your site move up Google, Bing and Yahoo. To get there, it’s CRUCIAL you have a strong social media presence. Don’t just let your LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and Twitter accounts sit stagnant. You have to get social, and stay active for your Social Media activities to matter to the search engines. Google, Bing & Yahoo look for social network presence as an indicator of its authority.

Importance of Social Media to SEO

Social media links to and from your website, give you the potential to encourage people to visit your site and join your social media circles. Don’t miss out on getting your website ranking high in searches. Get social, engage and be active on them.

Google+ Social Media Matters

Start a blog and write relevant industry news. Then, post the link of your blog post to Facebook, Twitter, Pin it, Linkedin and Google+.

image-google-plus-omaha-seo-companyGoogle+,  by the way, has picked up steam and really matters in the Omaha SEO Company game. At a minimum, claim your business listing. But the best tip is to become an active contributor for your brand on Google+. Don’t forget to use hashtags on your postings. Defined: A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by the # symbol. With Google’s recent Hummingbird update, it’s believed that using hashtags with your Google Plus posts help optimize your content to display in search engines, while helping people find content in which they’re interested.

The Don’ts of Omaha SEO Company

Don’t duplicate copy/paste text ever. If you do, Google has a duplicate content filter and will penalize your site.


Put your social media links in your gmail signature. Google spiders read your email.

Google Owns Youtube

Use youtube for search engine ranking. Post videos about your products/services with keywords in the title. In the summary, link to your website or pertinent article. With Google owning youtube, it’s no wonder your videos will show up in search if you use this highly popular social media video platform. Stern PR™ offers video marketing SEO in Omaha. Click here: Learn about Video Marketing SEO>>

Bold Blog Keywords

If you have a keyword on your website or blog, highlight it and make it bold. It’s a clear cue to Google that you’re trying to become visible under this key term.  Don’t forget about ‘Content is King’. Make sure your posts are at a minimum of 500 words. We know this is not easy to do. You have to narrow in on any given topic and write relevant content for it. If you hire a professional copywriter, they can do content writing for you. For word count, use this handy tool.

Integrate Social Media

The key with all these social media platforms is to integrate them. On Facebook, link to your twitter account. On Google+ link to your twitter, etc.

Omaha SEO Company Adviceimage-social-media-icons-montage-omaha-seo-company

All in all, you need to hire a fantastic verbal communicator to implement these effective Omaha SEO tips across all your social media platforms. If you have only one or two social media networks, let Stern PR™ handle the design and maintenance for your organization. For search engine optimization services in Nebraska, Stern PR™ is your source.

Final Step: Click Here for off-site monthly SEO plan>>

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Inquiries? fFor Omaha SEO Company services, contact Susan Stern now.

Affordable SEO Omaha Company for Local Business, Yes!

posted by Susan Stern 10:11 PM
Thursday, February 6, 2014
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image-sternpr-ad-affordable-seo-omaha-company-services100% Local SEO Omaha Company Services

Here at Stern PR™, we are your Affordable SEO Omaha Company service provider.  We’re intensely focused on helping business grow, by getting your business to show up where people look.

What are people punching into the search engines? We shall find out. That’s what we do. We provide quality SEO Omaha services here for any local, market.  Using a variety of tools, we discover what keywords people search online.

What is Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the process of building and maintaining Google, Bing & Yahoo rank for websites and social media. Getting there requires an expert in local Affordable SEO Omaha Company services.

We’ll make sure your sites contain high-quality content, targeted traffic that makes everything look search engine great. What you pay for with Stern PR™ focused SEO Omaha services will be returned to you plenty-fold with new customers. Over time, you’ll see a benefit from the search engine optimization work we do.

White Hat SEO, Doing it Right

Some clients came to Stern PR™ making the mistake prior of outsourcing so-called targeted affordable SEO Omaha agency services to India or companies out-of-state. We don’t. We repeat. We do NOT recommend investing dollars in outside-of-Omaha search engine optimization companies. Several clients looking to optimize their website for the Nebraska search engines turned to Stern PR™ after experiencing lackluster results elsewhere.

Our advice. We recommend only hire local, local, local.  The SEO landscape is ever-evolving. You need Stern PR™ for superior SEO Omaha services. We stay on top of the latest pulse. We continue to get educated on the latest SEO news, using Google-approved techniques to build rank . No keyword stuffing or maximum keyword density stupidity. We follow search engine rules!

Why Local SEO Omaha Company is Right Choice

You want to hire an expert Search Engine Optimization Omaha Service provider that you meet in-person, who cares about your success. Who is on the pulse with the ever-changing SEO landscape and algorithms.  So, yes, Stern PR™ is the answer for affordable SEO Omaha services galore.

image-pen-content-king-affordable-seo-services-omahaContent is King of Web Universe

The key to long-term Omaha SEO quality traffic is great content that the search engines love. Stern PR™ produces quality media and copy that people want to read. Unduplicated and frequently updated content makes search engines happy.

Likewise, duplicated content websites and those without fresh content tend to fail on Google. Our SEO Omaha Company strives to achieve the ultimate goal – get your company ranking high and staying put for the keywords people type for your business. We’ve achieved a lot of success for clients as their SEO Omaha Agency.

Before we Go
SEO Omaha Company Tips

  • Content body length of at least 300 words
  • Target keywords toward beginning of Title
  • Keep length of title characters at 70 ensuring full title search engine visibility
  • Use Title keywords in meta description, give a page summary, use call-for-action to visit site
  • Limit meta description to about 145 characters
  • Consider bolding, underlining some keywords and use them in subheads
  • Pay attention to keywords frequency – how many times keywords appear on a page
  • General rule: 5.5% keyword frequency & up is spammy and Google WILL catch on, go for 3% or less
  • Check your site with this free/safe SEO tool. Type in URL of pages to view keyword frequency
  • Link to relevant interior site content
  • Link fairly early within copy
  • Link every 130 words or so
  • Use descriptive image Alt tags for SEO
  • Anchor backlinks text with a keyword, part or all
  • Don’t duplicate content on other websites or blogs, or your site may get penalized by Google

Contact us for Targeted SEO Omaha Services

Learn the background history of Stern PR™ now. 
We are a great source for affordable SEO Omaha Company Services, indeed.

Final Step: Click Here for off-site monthly SEO plan>>


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SEO Firm Omaha Opines
1 in 5 Know About SEO
National Survey Flabbergasts

By Susan L. Stern
(Internet, USA) — Can you believe it? In this day and age ONLY 1 in 5 Americans – have heard of Search Engine Optimization according to a survey by Matt Cutts, a senior software engineer at Google. In other words, in an analysis by this Omaha SEO Firm, that means 4 in 5 people have zero clue what SEO means. That is outrageous! If you’re a business owner or a marketing manager you gotta know about SEO to succeed in driving quality traffic to your website – where you showcase or sell your products & services. No Worries. The solution is simple. Outsource website content writing and such to an Omaha SEO pro. Monthly. Cutts’ survey sample involved 1576 people, using
Google Consumer Surveys, a new research service.

The Google research found gender inequities. The number of men and women who heard of SEO is distinct, too. Interestingly, the research found that nearly 25% of men heard of SEO, while only 16% of women were aware of same.

The Meaning of SEO – SEO Firm Omaha Supplies a Definition

Definition: SEO is the process of trying to achieve 1st page Google, Bing & Yahoo ranking for your Omaha business website and/or directory listings. First page Google ranking – is the only concern of Stern PR Marketing, an SEO Firm Omaha Company.

What does that tell us Omaha Internet Marketers? “We need to inform the businesses we represent about the absolute necessity of having a regular SEO plan of action in place to build and maintain top search engine placement rank. That is, where your website or online directory listing appears on Google, Bing & Yahoo,” emphasizes Susan Stern, Stern PR Marketing™, an SEO Firm Omaha Consultant.

- Click for FULL View – Courtesy of Google’s Matt Cutts

What does the national survey mean to business owners and Omaha marketing managers? It’s time you watch this video.

Now you’re not 4 out of 5 Americans who never heard of SEO. Congrats! That said, take note. National polling results match local findings – when it comes to SEO knowledge.

Website Owners In Dark About Omaha SEO

SEO Omaha Firm Consultant Susan Stern did an informal, unscientific survey and concluded the same outcome as the Google survey – that companies seem to be in the dark about SEO. “You can’t just have a website coded correctly to appear on the 1st page of Google. You have to constantly refresh the website content writing, the graphics (coupons), keywords, and take extra measures like write industry articles on your business blog, add website coupons or a news feed and have your SEO professional promote your online video commercial in mass monthly. On the latter note, Forbes Insight published in December 2010 found that 59% of senior executives prefer to watch video instead of reading text, if both are available on the same page,” notes Susan Stern, a Marketing Consultant in Omaha, Nebraska.

The fact that only 1 in 5 people, an estimated 20.4% of Americans have heard of SEO based on the Google study is astonishing. “Cause it’s something that every business needs to achieve website search engine success,” summarizes the Omaha Internet Marketer.

Additional Statistics. Omaha website business owners must understand that SEO is a high stakes game that you must win. After all, if your company website sits in the top tier of search results, you may experience a big traffic and sales increase.

Outsourcing to an Omaha SEO Firm Only Way to Win Website Ranking Game

Another study was released in September 2011 by the Pew Internet & American Life Project that found that 58% of those surveyed search the Internet for information before buying products and services, with most users only viewing the first page: Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines.

How do search engines determine which websites go where? A site’s position on Google, Bing & Yahoo is based on an unpublicized mathematical formula, an algorithm, which give high rankings to sites coded correctly, packed with viable keywords and more. In terms of outsourcing your SEO, Marketing Consultant Susan Stern, an SEO Firm in Omaha offers suggestions.

Stern PR Article Published Nationally – Ezine – Read Here!

Omaha SEO Professional Must Do Regular Updates…Seriously :)

**Write Industry-related journalism/PR articles on Business Blog Monthly

**Swap out & re-design online website coupons Monthly

**Write Social Media updates: Twitter and/or Facebook Weekly and/or Daily

**Conduct Website Keyword analysis, competition analysis, keyword implementation & reports Monthly

Quarterly Website Content Writing…Is Not Enough

Unless your business sells obscure products & services with zero competition, you should outsource Monthly SEO Omaha to a consultant like us. Website Search Engine ranking is not an exact science or a science at all. It requires an SEO Professional who thinks outside the box.

Time Now to Do Something…Hire an Omaha SEO Consultant

With 4 out of 5 people unaware of what SEO is, that is a tell-tale sign that website business owners need to get educated on SEO, at least learn the basics, before you outsource these tasks to an Omaha Internet Marketing expert. When all is said and done, in today’s internet-driven technology age, regular, i.e. monthly search engine optimization is as essential as having a company website.

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About the Author: Susan Stern, Stern PR Marketing™ , Marketing Consultant in Omaha, Nebraska specializes in website design, website copywriting, search engine optimization, video internet marketing, videography and photography, graphic design, traditional marketing, public relations and advertising. She, and her associate Austin Scott, both handle Omaha SEO projects for clients. Learn how Susan Stern can help your business achieve marketing success on & offline.

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